Bloomberg, Guns, and $50 Million

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has spent $50 million of his own money on a gun “safety” group called “Everytown for Gun Safety.” I do not begrudge Mr. Bloomberg on spending any of his money; it is his to spend after all. I have only one question. Why gun control? I know Mr. Bloomberg is a multimillionaire and this amount of money does not seem extravagant to him, but to most of us that is a lot of money. Now there are a lot of causes that liberals like Bloomberg support and some are admirable. One issue is hunger. I support my church food bank and have given to other hunger relief programs, so I believe in helping those in need. We as Christians are called to do just that. With one out of every six children going hungry in the US, I must wonder why he would not spend it on food. The next issue would be education. With all the talk of cuts to education funding, that $50 million could pay several teachers for a year or more.

What Mr. Bloomberg chooses to spend his money on is his business, but I must be honest, liberal groups talk about helping those in need but they spend a lot of money trying to get the government to do the work. This group that Mr. Bloomberg is funding has a misleading name. As if that were not enough, the homepage of the group here states that we should not tolerate 31,000 gun deaths a year, but the FBI website tells a different story. Check it out here. The goal that the group rallies behind is ambiguous to say the least. Stop gun violence sounds like a noble and just cause, doesn’t it? If you look at Mr. Bloomberg’s track record as a mayor he has pushed for tighter gun laws that actually inhibit lawful gun ownership. The group does not advocate educating yourself about gun safety, nor does it give links to information helpful to finding training or safety classes. Instead, it wants visitors to sign a pledge to elect politicians who will make laws to combat gun violence. The left likes to state that gun control works but is you look here you will see that the states with the highest murder rates are those with strict laws on firearms. As far as gun safety, new laws will not make anyone safer. Safety starts with responsible gun owners.  Just as speed limits do not prevent speeding, strict gun laws do not keep guns from criminals. Instead these laws seem to have the opposite effect. One reason believed to cause this is when citizens cannot have firearms to protect themselves it emboldens criminals to feel safe to commit crimes.

Politicians do not have power, it is granted to them from the people. If the power is not granted but the politician wields it then that power was seized from the people. The second amendment to the US Constitution was meant to allow the people to keep and bear arms not just for hunting but for protection. This was not only to protect yourself, your family, and your property but to also be able to take up arms when threatened by tyranny. I do want to keep criminals from getting guns but you do not keep guns out of the wrong hands by not allowing them into the right hands? Even with strict laws one could go to any major city in the US and with the right people and word of mouth could find any firearm they desired from semi-automatic pistols to fully automatic AK-47s, the latter of which are banned in the US.  All in all, if Mr. Bloomberg like so many other liberals wants to effect change, maybe they should put their millions into charities and other organizations that help in the low income, high crime areas to give kids a chance to get out of the situation.


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