The Cowardly Racist

What is the difference between Dylann Root and Zandria Robinson?  Both have posted derogatory statements against those of the opposite race.  You can read about Robinson here.  Both show disdain for anyone not like them.  Neither of them seem remorseful or apologetic about the things they have said or written but that is where the similarities end.  You see Dylann Storm Roof committed a heinous crime based on his beliefs that resulted in nine people losing their lives.  While I do not condone nor approve of his actions, he had the “courage” to take action himself.

On the other hand, we have Zandria Robinson, a professor of sociology now at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN who has said that “whiteness is most certainly and inevitably terror”.  Although she harbors the same feelings about the white race as Dylann has about the black race, she will not act on her own rhetoric.  She, like Al Qaeda or ISIS leaders, use such rhetoric to inflame the emotions of others and influence someone, who like Dylann Roof, has no conscience about harming others into acting on her statements.  This way she can shift the blame for such actions onto the individual that commits any atrocity.  She will conveniently hide behind “I said things but I didn’t do anything” sentiment. The left-wing media in this country will not call her out on it.

Contrast this to the Dylann Roof case.  As soon as some facts were known about the race of the assailant in the church shooting, speculations began that he was part of the TEA Party, he was a conservative talk radio listener, or that he was somehow associated with the Republican Party.  Immediately, accusations began to fly that radio show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and authors like Ann Coulter were to blame with their anti-Obama statements. None of the accusations turned out to be true but the liberal hosts like Al Sharpton continued to bang the drum.

Although those on the left either do not see it or fail to acknowledge it, there is a double standard in our media.  It is when the ravings of Dylann Root are detested, and rightly so, but the ravings of Zandria Robinson are hailed as “provocative”  but not detested that we have a problem.  If we are to have any meaningful and productive dialog on race at all, it cannot begin or end with either side being allowed to deride the other.  That is just un-American.


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