The Blame Game Begins

If you listen to the mainstream media you will hear a lot of blame going around for the Orlando massacre.  Those on the left are blaming the gun, the NRA, gun owners, and the internet for the tragedy that this shooter has caused.  While the LGBT community seems fixated on blaming Christians and “right wingers” for spewing hate.  In all the rhetoric, no one seems to want to place the blame where it squarely belongs.  The one to blame in all of this is the shooter.  The gun did not go into that nightclub and open fire on its own.  The NRA did not tell the shooter to go there and kill people.  Responsible gun owners were not present at the location helping the shooter carry out his sinister deed.  As for the internet, you can find just about anything on any subject you wish to find.  If you want to find radical websites, you certainly can find them.  Are we to stop free speech on the internet?  I would think not.  At no time have real Christians advocated killing gay people or have gone on a rampage at a nightclub. While the blame rests solely on the shooter we must not ignore his motivations.

What was his motivation?  By his own admission, he pledged allegiance to ISIS, the radical Islamic group that is responsible for beheading Christians in Iraq and Syria.  This same group has been documented throwing gay people off the roof of a two story building.  This group epitomizes hate and intolerance. We have leaders such as President Obama who refuse to use the term “radical Islam” or “jihadist” when addressing this shooter and his stated intentions.  Instead, the president and the Democratic candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seek to divide us by blaming gun owners, guns, and internet.  Left-wing pundits are calling for bans on certain types of rifles but yet no one on the left will dare speak out against the imam that visited the mosque that the shooter attended that called for the killing of homosexuals.  This imam even stated that it was “compassionate” to kill gay people.  Where is the outrage about that?

Are all Muslims “radical?  The short answer is no.  I worked with a couple of Muslims once and they were very friendly and seemed to live by the two great commandments, love God and love your neighbor.  These men did not treat non-Muslims any differently and respected the people they worked with.  One of them even wanted to understand my beliefs and was genuinely interested in my religious insights.  We must be willing to call attention to those who would use the religion of Islam to harm others that do not hold the same beliefs.  We as a people must unite against the purveyors of violence and realize that we are all a target including Muslims that want to live in peace, for “radical” Islam.

This attack was aimed at the gay community but it could have easily been a church gathering, a playground full of children, a synagogue, or a mosque.  There are radicals in this country that would attack such venues as well.  We must unite to denounce the violence and condemn those who wish to act out the tenants of their faith against others in such ways.  Before someone goes off about Christians hating gay people let me remind you that in Muslim countries, eleven for sure, homosexuality is punishable by death.  There has been no true Christian organization that has advocated that the US adopt such a system.  Christians believe that homosexuality, as well as adultery, is immoral but I, for one, say what you do with your life is your choice but don’t call me a hater if I disagree with you.

The LGBT community likes to call Christians who do not accept their lifestyle as haters but when I read comments left by supposedly LGBT activists on sites and comment boards that call for death to Christians I have to stop and ask myself, who really is the hate filled person.  It is time that the LGBT community come to the realization that they and Christians and Muslims have a common enemy and we must unite to defend life.  These “radical” jihadists will love nothing more than to have us divided and attacking each other.  It is high time that we stop pussyfooting around the issue and stop whistling past the graveyard and call this attack what it is.  This was an attack on Americans, it was an attack on our freedoms, it was an attack on the very core of our society.  In the US we have the freedom to be gay and not be executed for it.  We have the freedom to worship God as we believe or not believe.  We have the freedom to assemble in churches, synagogues, nightclubs, and other public places with some sense of security.  This attack was an affront to those freedoms.


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