Another Climate Rant

Once again the liberals are at it with “climate change” with Hillary Clinton blaming hurricane Hermine on mankind, not natural weather.  If we go by her statements  here, we would have to conclude that major hurricanes have only begun since the Industrial Revolution.  Apparently she believes that the activities of man can affect the severity of hurricanes and wreak havoc on communities in the US.  In one statement she made the arrogant assumption that we can prevent natural disasters that have been going on for thousands of years.  She stated that Hermine would not be the last hurricane to hit Florida, NO DUH!  Hurricanes, just like Hermine have devastated parts of Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, and several other coastal states all along the eastern seaboard for thousands of years. 

 It amazes me that these liberals act as if man can somehow control the climate or the weather.  I contend that if it were possible to exercise that kind of control, it would have been weaponized already.  To say that major hurricanes are a recent phenomenon requires you to completely ignore history.  The truth is that we have only been able to track these storms for seventy years.  It was not until the invention of radar that we were able to fully see the scope of hurricanes.  Satellite technology has further enabled us to track the storms even those that do not make landfall.  In fact, we have only been naming the storms in the US since 1953.  Before we were able to track storms offshore, we did not know about them unless a ship was caught in it.  There were several intense storms in the 1800s, long before the widespread use of fossil fuels.  So to say man has made storms worse is very dubious at best and downright fraudulent at worst.

 Mrs. Clinton also stated that 2015 was the hottest year on record, which it may be true but we have only been keeping global records for 136 years from 1880.  Once again, these climate “scientists” are basing their estimates on data that has not encompassed more than century.  There is a climatologist who has worked to trace temperatures as far back as 4000 years.  You can view his findings  here.  He has shown that there have been 78 climate shifts during this timeframe and that we a due for another shift.  From my own understanding about weather patterns, I would conclude that these shifts are natural and not majorly influenced by man’s activities.  Still, is estimated that man’s CO2 emissions are far less than natural sources of the gas.  Still in yet, these same liberals want the average citizen to pay “carbon taxes” to the UN.  In their view the only way to stop climate change is to pay money to an international organization that has repeatedly called for population controls.

 Finally, I would like to address another claim made by climate scientists that very few people have ever questioned.  What about rising sea levels?  I have a theory that I have not heard anyone else even remotely suggest.  When you put pebbles into a glass of water, the level of the water goes up.  This could be the same effect that is rising the sea levels and not melting ice.  We have seen in recent years underwater volcanic activity that has resulted in the formation of new islands.  We also have no way of estimating how many underwater volcanoes there are or how much magma they are depositing on the ocean floor.  I would suggest that these eruptions are causing the rising ocean levels far more than even melting of sea ice.  Another thing that brings me to this conclusion is that the ice caps have actually been growing over the last few years.That is why we never hear about shrinking Artic ice anymore.


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