A Call to Arms?

It’s been almost a week now since the election and there are still protests going on around the country. It is a Constitutionally protected right to peacefully assemble and voice your opinion freely if you are not causing harm or interfering with others. While I do support the right to protest anything you wish, I must bring to light a few things about these protests and the violence that seems to follow them. Before we address the current protests let’s cover the point for protests and the reason for protesting.

 First, a protest can be a vehicle for change. During the 1960s, the civil rights movement used the protest to bring attention to the inherent unfairness of segregation especially in the South. With marches and civil disobedience, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. dedicated himself to peaceful protests while trying to unify people against segregation. At no point in his speeches did he ever call for the destruction of white businesses or the death of white people. He called for God to help change minds and hearts to see blacks as people, equal in the eyes of the law. He wanted unity between black and white, not separation. He wanted to see the day when black children and white children would play, go to school and worship together without the scourge of racism and bigotry. For the most part, his dream has come true.

 Secondly, a protest can be used to raise awareness of an issue either in support or opposition to of that issue. Each year on the anniversary of the landmark Roe vs Wade decision that legalized abortion, pro-life protesters march to the Supreme Court building to show their opposition to the decision. At the same time, pro-choice advocates show their support for the same. Both sides have speakers and carry signs but neither are violent toward the other. Although there is little chance of reversing the decision, the pro-life advocates use the opportunity to raise awareness of their position and hope to sway public opinion to their side. This has worked to a degree. Today more young people identify as pro-life than in years past.

 Consider for a moment today’s protest over the election and what people in these protests are saying, not only of President-elect Donald Trump but of his supporters. First off, what change are the protest supposed to bring? The election has been decided and there is little possibility that the protesters will sway the electoral college from voting the will of the people. They are protesting something, for all intents and purposes, cannot be changed unlike the segregation laws.  Secondly, whose opinion are they trying to sway? Those who supported Trump will not likely stop supporting him especially when the protesters call them racist, homophobes, bigots and Nazis. Insulting someone will never win them over to your side or even give them cause for consideration of your view.

 Finally, there are the calls for Trump’s assassination, the raping of his wife and even the killing of his supporters. These protesters carry signs that say “Love Trumps Hate” but spew some of the most hateful words to ever cross one’s lips. This comes on the heels of a man being beat up and robbed by a group accusing the guy of voting for Trump and after a young girl was beaten for an Instagram post in support of Trump. Calls for violence against your fellow citizens is not a protest, it is terrorism. Just because you don’t like the outcome does not give you the right to threaten the lives and liberties of others. Those on the Left are already calling for violence against people who support Trump using the defunct narrative that only white people voted for Trump. They claim they are standing with the “oppressed” while promoting oppression.

 Moreover, most of the protesters are paid by George Soros, a billionaire globalist who would like to see the US become a Socialist country under the control of a one world government. These are not “organic” protests but rather artificial uprisings of like-minded Socialist, Communist and Anarchist activists hell-bent on the overthrow of our Constitution and complete eradication of the rule of law. Ever wonder why these protests seem to be in large, liberal cities? These cities have very strict gun laws and they know that they will likely not face resistance from the citizens. If they were to try this violent rioting in an area where there would be armed citizens, they would fight back instead of becoming victims. I have a stern warning for those wanting to start a revolution or civil war. Beware what you ask for, you might just get it. Some may consider that a threat but I am not threatening anything but I can see that if the these protesters follow through on their threats, there will be push back.


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