The Unlocked Door

Let’s start off with a fundamental fact of life. No one from one country has the right to enter another country without going through the proper channels and getting the permission of the country’s government usually by way of visas and passport stamps. This fact is known by anyone who has traveled internationally or have seen shows about international travel. Also many countries have very harsh penalties for violating their immigration laws by entering illegally, staying past your allotted time (visa limit), and lying about your intentions for entering the country. In the US a growing number of people, mostly on the Left, are advocating for those who have broken the laws governing entry into our country and are in the US illegally. There are even government officials in high ranking positions local, state, and federal that want to protect these lawbreakers from any and all penalties for their violations. Can you imagine if these people were advocating the same thing for serial killers?

For the sake of argument, let’s imagine that you left your house unlocked and went to work. When you get home you find a strange man sitting on your sofa eating a sandwich made from the food in your fridge and drinking one you your drinks. The first thing any rational person would do after getting away from the person would be to call the police. So the police arrive and you expect them to carry the man away in handcuffs but instead they tell you that there is nothing they can do. The man has a right to be in your house without your permission. To add insult to injury, they also inform you that you are now responsible for this person’s well being. How would you like that? Chances are, you wouldn’t. That is exactly what is happening to the US. Illegal aliens (that is what they were called before the PC crowd started saying it was insensitive) are coming into the country through a vastly unsecured border and making themselves at home. When these people are caught, especially in cities that call themselves sanctuary cities the local law enforcers are told that they have to let them go.

While I do acknowledge that there are many hardworking, mostly honest (except for that breaking the law thing), and determined people that come here in search of a better life, there are those who come here with nefarious intentions. Some of the illegal aliens carry drugs, people, and even diseases that if they came through the proper channels would be caught. Some may even be a part of a terrorist network. Therefore, as long as we have an unlocked door (unsecured border) we are at risk of possible attacks or epidemics, some of which may be intentional. We are in fact inviting calamity into our nation by virtue of an unsecured border, lax law enforcement, and the existence of sanctuary cities. Many of the advocates for these “undocumented immigrants” say it is inhumane to punish them for breaking the law. They somehow feel that people who are here illegally have the right to be here and should not face the consequences for their actions even if the person has committed other crimes as well. These same people, mostly Democrats, vehemently oppose the proposed wall on our southern border with Mexico. This is just plain lunacy.

Back to our example now. After a while, you either get the man to leave or he decides he is going somewhere else and leaves on his own and you are finally rid of him. You decide that you don’t want this to happen again so you start locking your door when you leave the house. A couple of days later you return home to find the police outside your house. When you ask what is going on, you are told that you can no longer lock your house because it is wrong to keep people out. When you argue that you don’t want people just coming into your home you are called “racist”, “xenophobic”, and a “white supremacist” by your neighbors. So now you are forced to leave your home open to anyone who would like to come in. This is similar to what is happening in our discourse on the subject of not only the issue of illegal aliens but the proposed border wall.

Right now in the US if you call for the enforcement of current immigration law you are labeled as many things including having no compassion for immigrants. The terms xenophobe, racist, white supremacist, anti-immigrant, and myriad other demeaning and derogatory expressions are used against anyone who would dare speak out about ILLEGAL immigration. The thing that the Democrats have been doing lately is to equate immigration to illegal immigration as if those who come to the US the right way and go through the process are the same as those who enter illegally. This way they can label those opposed to illegal aliens as being anti-immigrant. They use the fact that the US is a nation of immigrants to shame and dismiss opposition but the fact of the matter is that they don’t know or understand history and the American culture.

While it is true that most of us in the US are the descendants of immigrants and we still have people immigrating here today, most of our ancestors came here in a legal manner. They arrived here over the two centuries that the US has been around and came here to build a better life and assimilate into the culture. Many brought parts of there culture with them but they began to take on the prevailing culture in the US. Many of those immigrants added to the culture whether it was with food such as the Italians, French, Chinese, Mexicans, and Dutch or with style, architecture, or inventions. The fact of the matter is that these immigrants wanted to become Americans and left much of there past lives behind in their old country. They believed in the American dream that if you work hard, were diligent, and persevered that you could improve your life and gain wealth and freedom. Many immigrants came from places where, even today, this was an impossibility. This is not always the case with illegal aliens.

Within recent years, there has been a movement among the Hispanic population especially in California centered around the belief that the state as well as much of the southwest and west were illegally obtained by the US and should still belong to Mexico. Groups have advocated for rights for illegal aliens on this premise that they are citizens due to the California not legitimately being a part of the US. These same groups urge those from Mexico, Central, and South America not to assimilate into the US. They refuse to speak or learn English and fly the flag of their country instead of accepting the US flag. During protests they are seen waving Mexican flags and burning US flags as a demonstration of their defiance of the US. This anti-American movement has actually found an ally in the Democratic Party and with Liberal activists that want a border-less US. This would be a huge mistake that could spell the end of our national sovereignty.

While the border wall is not popular with Democrats and activists, those in the middle of the US and some Conservative Hispanic groups support the wall and increased border patrol as a way of combating the influx of illegal aliens, drugs, weapons, and human trafficking that right now is a serious problem. A majority of US citizens both native (born in the US) and immigrant want to see immigration law reform that both addresses the current illegal alien problem and makes it easier and better for those from south of the border to gain legal entry, work, and possible citizenship and encourages people to take the proper way into the US. By setting out the specific requirements that are both fair and reasonable for those coming in through Mexico, we can make the process less expensive and more streamlined. That would be a change from enforcing the broad law and giving special consideration to our southern border. In turn, this would help curb illegal border crossing and human trafficking and may save some lives as there are many people who die on the journey to and across the border.

One more thing of note are the travel restrictions placed on people from certain parts of the world that denies entry for some. As I stated in the opening, there is no right for a person from one country to enter another. It is the prerogative of the country to be entered as to who they will allow in. Barring entry into the US of people from certain areas or countries is neither immoral nor unconstitutional. In fact, the US has denied entry from war torn nations, nations at war with us, and hostile nations for all of its history. This is nothing new or uncommon for any country. On a daily basis, there are hundreds of people around the world who are denied entry into other countries for whatever reason from improper passport paperwork to not having the correct immunizations. Michael Savage was banned from entering the UK because of his criticism. Canada may not let a person enter if they have been convicted of a DUI even in another country because it is a felony there. Muslim countries are known for not letting non-Muslims enter or severely restrict travel within the country. North Korea has very strict rules on who is allowed in and where they may go. Some countries even charge fees and tariffs that travelers must pay to gain entry. To say The US is wrong, immoral, and unjust to limit entry for certain people from parts of the world is dishonest at best and treacherous at worst.

A sovereign nation must have borders and limitations on entry. It must also enforce the law that governs the border and immigration consistently and fairly. It must not allow unauthorized entry to be an automatic right to stay. The US is a country made up of individual states but no state has the right to ignore or violate federal law and is obligated by its very participation in the union to enforce all laws passed by Congress. To defy the law is the same as breaking the law as was seen in the Roy Moore case when he refused to remove a monument from the courthouse rotunda. In the eyes of the law, these politicians who will not comply with immigration enforcement are guilty of obstruction of justice and should be indicted on federal charges. As for those who advocate open borders, they must realize that no nation can stand if it has no sovereignty and without borders, enforcement of the law, and punishment for lawbreakers a nation loses its sovereignty and legitimacy in the eyes of other nations which often times leads to invasion or collapse.

In order to have effective and comprehensive immigration reform we must address each issue individually and not try to create a bill or law that would be massive and incomprehensible. This is a step-by-step process that should be followed by definitive action. While there is room for debate on the finer points of each issue there are a few things that should be universally accepted. First, there should be no disagreement that we need to secure the border. We can build a fence, wall, or some other barrier that would impede border crossing where there is not a checkpoint. Until it is agreed what type of barrier is to be used and until it is built there should be increased patrols in areas where there is a lot of activity. Second, we must determine what to do about those already here illegally. This is easier said than done but we can start by categorizing them into groups based on how long they have been here and if they have established residency. We may also look at how productive they are. Are they gainfully employed or running their own business or are they on government assistance and why? These questions will help determine who is here to build a life and those who are taking advantage of social programs. At that point, each situation can be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Finally we will need to determine what laws other than immigration laws have been broken and to what extent. Chances are that if a person is here illegally and working or running a business they have obtained a Social Security card illegally Some of those people may have committed identity theft or at least received a stolen identity. Either way, there must be recompense for those actions granted not as severe in some cases. Then those who we have found to be productive and established need to be made legitimate by getting the proper paperwork and documents to allow them to continue legally in the US. Those who have been here a short time and have no permanent residence or anyone to sponsor them should be deported as per the law. They will be allowed to come back through the proper channels once they have the necessary documentation. Those on assistance programs should be evaluated to see if they are on assistance on a temporary basis or if there is a physical or mental issue that is the cause. Of course, we want to be fair and humane so that those in real need of help are getting it but at the same time we cannot allow non-citizens unlimited, unrestrained access to programs intended for citizens. This is a balancing act that should and must be given careful consideration in order to be fair but in adherence to the law. While there is no perfect solution and as with all proposals there will be scrutiny, we must not allow the mean spirited name-calling and demoralization to become the focus of debate. We must communicate and listen carefully to each side and work to find common ground and compromise points that can unite us in the effort to protect the nation but give all who wish to have a better life a way to achieve it legally and honestly.


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