The New Supremacy

Let’s face an ugly fact, white supremacists do exist and the ideology of white supremacy is alive and well in the 21st century. To deny this fact would be the same as denying that the sun shines. With that said, a majority of white people do not believe in the ideology and reject the very premise of it. There is a small minority of white people who hold the belief and an even smaller number of people who will act upon it. What I am saying here is that while there are a number of white people who believe that the white race is superior, many of those people would never act against anyone of a different race or nationality. Most are law-abiding, hard-working citizens who don’t want trouble and have the philosophy of “live and let live” when it comes to others. The number of these people may seem high if you were to see actual numbers but the percentage is actually quite low at around 0.2%. Out of that percentage there is an even smaller group of people who would, if given the opportunity, would bring harm to someone of another race or even Jews or other religious organizations other than mainstream Christianity. As with anything, we should not paint all people of a particular race with a broad brush therefore lumping all of them into a narrow mold with the actions and opinions of a very few being applied to all. This goes for every race, religion, ethnicity, and nationality.

During the 1970’s, white supremacists were coming together in the vast expanse of Idaho and attracting new members from around the US. This group called Aryan Nations consisted of members of different groups including the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and Aryan Brotherhood. They built a compound in the woods of Hayden, Idaho and met there regularly. They believed that the federal government was run by Zionists (Jews) and that the white race was going to become extinct. They believed that the government was giving special treatment to minorities and immigrants and talked about fighting back. They would train in the woods and learn survival skills in preparation for what they thought was a impending race war. Richard Girnt Butler led the organization in the 1980’s and often stated that he did not want war but did see that it could come down to it. Although he never acted on his words, a young man by the name of Robert Jay Matthews started a group called The Order that did act on the rhetoric. Between 1983 and 1984, the group committed several crimes including robbery and murder. Their mission was to begin the race war and were stealing the money to finance it. It was only after Matthews dropped his gun during an armored truck robbery did the FBI finally catch up to the group. While many in the group surrendered, Matthews was killed in a stand-off when a tracer round sparked a fire in the house where he was hiding. The Aryan Nations distanced themselves from Matthews group but the FBI still wanted to infiltrate the organization. Although they claim to be a Christian group, the Aryan Nations is far from Christ-like.

“This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do what is right is not God’s child, nor is anyone who does not love their brother and sister.” 1 John 3:10. In this text we are told if we don’t love our brothers and sisters we are not of God or Christ-like. You may ask who your brothers and sisters are but this is explained as well. In most of the teachings of Christ, anyone who believes is a brother or sister but it is also understood that all of humanity are your brothers and sisters. The white supremacist’s ideology does not conform with the teachings of Jesus. Their hatred for the Jews makes no sense as well as they claim to follow Jesus. I have always wanted to ask that if they think Jews are dirty and evil why do they claim to worship a Jew. The truth is that Jesus was a Jew from the lineage of David just as stated in the Bible. I know there are some theologians that claim Jesus was black because he had come out of Egypt but that is incorrect. Jesus was born in Israel in Bethlehem and fled to Egypt after Joseph was told to take him there. The fact of the matter is that the majority of the citizens in Israel were either Jewish or Arabic, any white people were of Roman descent and any black people were most likely Roman or Arabic slaves and not true citizens of the Roman province in Israel. Anyone who claims to be Christian no matter their race and teaches hate and destruction of others is no more a Christian than Satan is. This is not a judgment, to the contrary, we are told that Christians are known by their love for others. That does not mean that Christians are not called to condemn sin and immorality but it is commanded to hate the sin, but love the sinner. There is a distinction there.

In 2008 there was a historical event that started a change in race relations. It was hoped that it would make a positive impact on both the black and white communities and bring people together in unity. This was the election of Barrack Obama, the first African-American president. I usually don’t use the term African-American because I do not conform to the PC crowd’s definitions of hyphenated American. In this case, it rings true as Obama’s father was from Kenya and his mother was from the US. There was a foretaste of what was to come during the campaign that overshadowed the hope that it would bring a new day in race relations. After the primaries when Obama became the nominee and began his campaign against the Republican challenger, any criticism of the candidate was met with charges of racism. Leading up to the election, anyone who tried to question his policy ideas or his agenda was immediately labeled a racist and basically told to shut up. This became the mantra for the Left where they made it out that anyone opposed to Obama was only opposing him based on race. After the election, the rhetoric did not calm down. Every time legislation was introduced that Obama favored the same charge would surface and opposition to policies, no matter how bad the policy, was effectively silenced. Further charges of racism and white supremacy came with the formation of the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party. The TEA Party was formed before the election but picked up momentum in the months following. Many on the Left labeled them white supremacists and Nazis. There was even evidence that the IRS targeted TEA Party groups for further scrutiny on their tax exempt applications. When it was found to be true, however, there was no action taken against the head of the IRS or anyone connected to the scandal. This would set the tone for the next eight years.

During Obama’s presidency, there were deeper divides in the US along racial and ideological lines. The Left was in control of college campuses and were beginning to implement policies that basically blamed white people for all the troubles in the world especially those for “people of color”. The term “white privilege” was introduced into the vernacular which basically stated that white people had special privilege in the US based solely on their skin color. It was also a widespread belief that the laws in the US were racist and written by white people to oppress people of color. Because of a few cases of the deaths of black men at the hands of police officers, there was a backlash against law enforcement in the black community. Protesters hit the streets and riots broke out across the US as a group called Black Lives Matter marched in response to the deaths. They claimed that black people were being hunted down and killed by white police officers and civilians even though there were no race related mass shootings occurring anywhere in the US at the time. The mainstream media used kind words to describe the group as “protesters” and “peaceful” when there were riots, property damage, and looting occurring at the “protests”. Anyone who would point out the problems with the movement was quickly labeled a hater and berated on social media. In addition to the BLM movement, there were attacks on police officers around the US including in Dallas, TX where a gunman shot several officers from a parking garage. By the time Obama’s second term was up, universities were beginning to segregate once again based on race. Conservative, Republican, and non-liberal white students were vilified and Conservative speakers, even those of color were threatened with violence if they dared to speak on campus. Then the unthinkable, at least to the Left, happened.

The 2016 campaign pitted the darling of the Left, Hillary Clinton, against who the Left labeled a Fascist, Donald Trump. As with the 2008 campaign, the Left pulled out the sexist card on anyone who opposed Clinton and called anyone supporting Trump a white nationalist and white supremacist. Trump ran on the slogan “Make America Great Again” and many of his supporters wore the signature red baseball cap with those words on it. We began to see the true colors of the Left as Trump supporters were attacked physically and hats were stolen right off of people’s heads. Angry crowds gathered outside of his speeches and hurled insults at attendees as well as flipping the bird. Some Trump supporters were pelted with eggs, rocks, and even urine while the mainstream media covered up these incidents. Clinton got on the bandwagon by declaring that Trump was a sexist, racist, homophobic, womanizer that wasn’t qualified to be president while not really setting out a clear platform or agenda. The day after the election when it was clear that Donald Trump had won the presidency, the Left had a total meltdown. They blamed the loss on white supremacy and there were riots in some cities and some people were out in the streets crying and screaming as if the world was ending. Now remember that it is estimated that about 0.2% of the US population identifies as “white supremacist”. How could such a small number of people be responsible for the loss of an election?

Now we have come full circle in the events from the 1980’s through today and this what we are now seeing. The Aryan Nations blamed Jews and other races for the problems facing the white race and were rightly condemned for such hateful rhetoric. People who were “outed” as members of the organization would lose their jobs, be taken off the air, and investigated by the FBI. The organization is but a shadow of what it once was. Of course, there are still people who hold the Aryan ideology but it is not as widespread as many on the Left would like you to believe. The influence of such organizations is very small and inconsequential to say the least. Most people on the Right have disavowed such beliefs and work to show that conservatism is good for everyone. The belief that a free people in a free and open marketplace can and will succeed without interference from the government or the assistance thereof is the cornerstone of Conservatism. The philosophy that Reagan espoused was that the people of the US when given the opportunity with less tax burdens and less government regulation would build a vibrant economy and create new jobs and open new businesses. This was in direct contrast to the Liberal mindset that says that people need the government to protect them and provide for them that which they deemed as not obtainable. The Liberal philosophy is one of the government should provide for the poor by taxing the rich and make businesses pay more in wages even at the detriment of the business. As we will see, this philosophy has spawned a new type of supremacist and a new form of supremacy.

Since the beginning of 2017 there have been reports surfacing in what is considered the “alternative” media, mainly sites on the internet and radio talk shows and on sites like YouTube that there are now calls from the black community to start killing white people. Several professors at prestigious universities have been found promoting the idea of a white genocide. People affiliated with Black Lives Matter have been caught on video calling on a race war to “cleanse” the US of the “white scourge” that is oppressing people of color. Universities are now requiring their students to attend “diversity training” that mainly consists of telling white students how bad their race is and how they have oppressed people of color. They are told they have privilege because of the social construct the white people have implemented in the US where they benefit from years of “stealing” from others and that the white race has gained all the wealth through theft from people of color. This is the same premise that white supremacists used to convince people that other races were the problem. If you read that again and replace the words “white people” with “people of color” and vice versa you would have the same context the white supremacists used. Why is it, then, that these people are not condemned on the same grounds as white supremacists? Is this not the same ideology just reversed? These universities would say no because only white people can be racist and supremacist. They say “reverse racism” is “not a thing” that it can’t exist because to be racist you must have power and privilege and people of color have neither. This flies in the face of logic and reason.

While both the white supremacist and white privilege philosophies are mirror images of each other they are predicated on the same belief that comes straight from Marxism. This is the belief that wealth is distributed not created so the only way to acquire wealth to take it from someone who has it. At its core, Marxism teaches that the wealthy acquired their wealth, whether it is money, land, or other forms of liquid assets by taking it by force from others. Karl Marx believed that the rich became rich by “stealing” from the poor thereby keeping the poor in their situation. Hence the old adage “the rich get richer while poor get poorer” which is the philosophy of the Left in the US. This has played into the hands of both white supremacists and their counterparts on the opposite side a group I will call the color supremacists. White supremacists believed that the Zionists controlled all the wealth in the US and were trying to limit what the white people got in favor of other races, especially the black race. Therefore they felt they had no alternative but to fight back against the government they believed was run by Jews and set against the white race. Now we have the color supremacists that hold the belief that white people hold all of the wealth and power and because they have control of the government they are distributing wealth to their rich friends and not giving it back to the poor and people of color where they believe it came from to begin with. Both of these groups are wrong on both an economic and societal level.

I am no economics professor, nor do I play one on TV but I do have some understanding of economics from school and real life experience. While I did not attend a “university” and opted to go to a career college, I did get lessons in economics in school, both junior high and high school. I went to public school at a time when they actually taught more than one viewpoint and in an area where there was no influence from the teacher’s unions. Therefore I learned about free market, also known as Laissez-faire where private transactions are free from government oversight and interference. I learned about Capitalism where people take money, capital, and use it to invest in others’ ideas in order to produce a good or service. Capitalism in conjunction with Laissez-faire was what the US was originally set up to be economically. Then there was Socialism where all means of production are owned by the government and the workers are essentially government employees and therefore wards of the state. Here comes the word the Left loves to throw at Trump, Fascism. Under a Fascist economy, the means of production remain in private hands but are highly regulated by the government which can approve or disapprove of a product or service and many times sets the price of it. Although Fascism is related to Socialism, the key difference in the two is ownership of the means of production where one is government owned, Socialism, and the other is private, Fascism. Right now in the US we have a mixed economy as we have gotten away from Laissez-faire and moved closer to Fascism with new bureaucracies that regulate goods produced and how services are rendered. While Laissez-faire Capitalism did work in the US before industrialization, it was necessary to begin regulating certain aspects of production to insure quality and safety but as we are beginning to see, too much regulation comes at a high cost. The over-regulation of some industries have actually caused smaller operations to shutdown or move out of the country to be more profitable. Coupled with taxes, regulation compliance are becoming the biggest expense after labor in the US.

A lot of young people, we call them Mellennials, have started to believe that Socialism is better than Capitalism and would like to see the US move to that economic system. The problem with Socialism is that while you are guaranteed income from your job, it is a very closed economic structure that cannot be sustained. The former Prime Minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher once said, “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”. That statement is very true in the fact that you can only tax someone so much before they decide to earn less money or they altogether quit earning money. This also makes government into a charity where money is taken instead of donated and distributed to others. Of course government will take “their share” and as we all know government is the greediest entity in the world. Most legitimate charities will give 80 to 99% of donations to the cause or people they are helping. The 20% is usually used to pay for administrative overhead costs like buildings, storage, and logistics associated with delivering the assistance needed. Most people who donate to a charity research to make sure that most of the money they donate will be used for the purpose of the charity. Not many people would donate to a charity that only 20% of donations went to the cause or the people. That is the problem with the government. The bureaucracy is so large that it takes almost 80% of the revenue coming into the government to cover the administrative cost. So for every dollar you pay in taxes, only twenty cents is actually going to someone else the rest is gobbled up by the government. The question I have for these Mellennials who support Socialism is if they are comfortable with government having almost complete control over their lives, incomes, and career choices because that is where Socialism leads.

Here is a personal note on Socialism from my own research into the Soviet Union. From reading articles written by defectors and listening to interviews of Soviet citizens I found some of the stories disturbing and even heartbreaking. The following story was used by permission. Retired national radio talk show host Neal Boortz told this story on his radio show some years ago and it has stuck with me ever since. Some recollections may not be completely accurate but are as close as possible. Neal had a friend who was a journalist in the Soviet Union and had visited this friend and his wife in Moscow. His friend’s wife was going out to get what was needed to prepare the meal and Neal accompanied her. They had to go to several different shops, one to get bread, which was mostly stale or moldy. Another to get produce where they found only a few potatoes that were still good to eat. Finally, the went to the meat shop where they chose a small cut of beef that was not rotting or spoiled. The wife apologized profusely about the lack of good food and the small amount she was able to get. Neal understood because he knew the reason for the lack of supplies. A few years later the couple were able to come to the US to visit Neal and the wife accompanied him to get groceries. When she entered the supermarket she broke down in tears because she had never seen such an abundance of fresh food. Thank you again to Neal Boortz. This is just one story of many that contrast the difference between Capitalism and Socialism.

Between the ideology of white supremacy and color supremacy is the common thread that binds the two together and that is Marxist style Socialism. Here is the reason I call it color supremacy. Over the course of the years watching the reports from university campuses I have seen instances where white students were attacked for wearing hairstyles or clothes that a black student or other race thought belonged to their culture. They call this “cultural appropriation” and claim that people outside of their race especially white people should not be allowed to wear styles or use words that they associate with their race or culture. On the other hand, it is not considered “cultural appropriation” for people of color to use words or wear styles of other races. This double standard indicates to me that those who believe in these concepts view their race or people of color in general as superior to white people. They are in fact saying that “my culture is too good for you and your ‘appropriation’ of it is an insult to me”. This is no different than white supremacists believing that the white culture is too good for people of color and they should not use the same facilities or eat in the same room. The fact that black students are demanding separate dorms, classes, and even buildings where white people are not allowed shows that the same mindset that brought about segregation has now been transferred to the other side of the issue.

We, as a nation and a society cannot come together and unite as long as one group demands separation from others. This is true whether that group is white, black, Hispanic, Asian, or any other race or nationality. If we are to be US citizens and work together to make things better we cannot do so by blaming others for our own circumstances. While we cannot control everything in our lives, there are things for which we must accept responsibility. We must, as individuals, change our attitudes about people different from us and remember what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr said. We should judge a person by the content of their character not on the color of their skin. Individuals no matter their race or economic situation all have the same choices to make. In the end it comes down to whether you choose to follow the dominate culture and fall into the trap of drugs, gangs, and violence of rise above this and reject those things that will eventually hold you back. The choice is yours. If you stay in school, work hard, and educate yourself more than what you are taught in school and avoid the pitfalls and temptations of the streets you can achieve your dreams. You must be patient because it will not be easy and it will not come immediately. It will take time and effort not to mention failure and setbacks but perseverance is a major contributor to success for anyone. The reason it seems that so few succeed is because so few actually try and keep trying.


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