I am an IT professional who has a passion for politics and current events. I live an work in L.A. (Lower Alabama). I believe everyone has the right to voice their opinion on issues. I think we can have healthy debate and even disagreements as long as we have respect for one another. I try to be as factual and concise as I can although I can be longwinded at times. I think sometimes we get a little heated in discussing topics which can be good but we must try to govern our emotions and maintain a cordial conversation. We must also realize that there are points on which we will never agree and respect that fact. On other issues we can find common ground where we can agree on the problem but may hold different views on the solution. I strive to be truthful and thought provoking while trying to keep a civil tone. While I may criticize certain groups and political parties I understand that not all members of the group or party hold the same views but I do acknowledge certain ideas and common beliefs that each group espouses. In my criticism I hope to challenge the group’s ideas that lead to the evaluation of those ideas and may even cause changes in the thoughts of people in the group to see a different way of looking at the issue. I do not criticize to offend even though I know some will be offended, that is not my goal. Not to say I would change their minds, but maybe open the door to different ways of approaching the issue at hand.
Politically I am a Conservative with Libertarian leanings. While not a full-blown Libertarian I do believe in more individual freedom and responsibility. I believe in smaller government, lower taxes, and less regulation. I think that the when the people are free from government intervention they are able to pursue their dreams. With that said, I do think people are responsible for their own life and happiness and that government should not play a role in the process. Safety nets, while necessary for those who truly need it, should not become a hammock. I believe in helping people to get back on their feet so they do not need the safety nets for very long. I believe in empowering people through quality education that is why I support school choice. I support empowering people through lower taxes and less regulation on businesses to allow greater opportunity to find work or open a new business. I think the economy benefits from private investment rather than government spending.
Personally I like golfing, bowling, playing music (I am a mediocre guitarist), and of course writing. I love my wife and enjoy spending time with her. We have a lot of the same interests and like to go to beach when we can.


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